October 23, 2011

Common uses of Coconut Oil

For thousands of years, coconut oil has served as the primary source of cooking oil to the millions of inhabitants across the globe. Some of the common uses of coconut oil include, but not limited to cooking, industrial processes and as medicine. Due to its stability in high temperatures, it is particularly helpful in the preparing dishes in high temperature such as deep frying. Due to its high level of unsaturated fat content, it is one of the healthiest foods in the world and many health organizations including the American Heart Association have encouraged its consumption.

The oil is produced from the kernels of coconuts. The coconuts are felled from the trees, and the hard outer part is removed. The kernel is then obtained from the inside and dried either under the sun or in a kiln to obtain copra. The copra is then pressed with solvents to produce oil together with a high protein fibre mash. The age at which the coconut has been extracted from the tree also determines the quality of the oil produced. Copra that has been obtained from young coconuts is usually harder to process than that obtained from mature coconuts.

Refined, bleached and deodorized oil (RBD oil) is usually made from copra placed under a hydraulic press with a lot of heat. This process usually produces a lot of oil from the coconuts. However, the oil obtained from this process is not 100% efficient for consumption as it contains impurities. These must be refined by continuous heating and filtration. Enzymes can also be used to act on the copra to produce high quantity oil. However, unlike other forms of extraction of coconut oil, oil obtained from this process contains very little coconut taste. It can be used for commercial purposes especially in cooking and industry.

Coconut oil is mainly used in cooking in cultures across the world. It is mainly used by vegans and people who are allergic to animal fat, although these are not the only people who use coconut oil. Movie theatres have also been known to use coconut oil while preparing popcorn since this oil is healthier as compared to other saturated fats on the market. Coconut oil can also be used in replacing solid fat in the confectionery industry through hydrogenation. There have also been chocolates around the world whose main ingredient and selling point is the coconut oil in them.

Apart from cooking, coconut oil has a lot of other uses. For instance, the oil can be used not only in cooking but also as a skin moisturiser helping keep the skin soft throughout the day. When using coconut oil for hair, it can increase the protein content there and therefore reducing the falling off of hair. Although it has been used as a sexual lubricant in some cases, it has been found to greatly weaken the effectiveness of latex condoms. In some traditional communities, coconut oil has also been used as a fuel in the lighting of lantern lamps.

September 26, 2011

Know More about Designer Watches for Women

A man with a good watch is always on time. On the other hand there is a man whose timepiece always stops ticking, his fate is undoubted. A lot of people are of the misconception that there is no point in forking out thousands of dollars for a “watch”. However, in the bigger scheme of things what really counts is having a watch that will never let you down, more like a best friend. Designer watches are expensive but if such a high price comes with high-end precision and due dependability, then why not, there is not much to lose is there? Learn a little more about designer watches for women in this article.

Understand Why

Denialism is a dangerous vice and many people have fallen victim to its exploits in their pursuit of affordability. However, when you begin to understand why expensive watches for women are so pricey, you might just change your perceptions to your own benefit. To start with, designer timepieces are made from some of the strongest materials the world. This alone gives them a dependable sense of durability. With durability you will not be buying a new watch any time soon, plus, the designer watch can form part of the legacy you leave behind when you die.

In addition to durability, such watches have particular cosines about them, especially when sprinklings of precious stones and minerals like gold, sapphire and diamond are poured over a watch. Style is more than just an appearance; it is actually a feeling that reverberates from what you put on. A good quality watch can be a fine way to cultivate a second skin of success and high status.

Identify Good Craftsmanship

There are so many forgeries and fakes out there that it would not be surprising if someone just popped up from nowhere claiming to have the Title Deeds to Earth.  Being able to identify good craftsmanship is the key to making an authentic purchase. Generally weight is no longer a factor when it comes to identifying an original as manufacturers of forgeries have already caught onto that. Clear-cut designs with smooth edges are two signs of good craftsmanship to look out for. Plus, the belts of authentic designer watches for women tend to withstand pulling without breaking.

Waterproof Designs And Contractual Warranties

It is highly advisable that you buy a waterproof watch. You never know when you are going to be caught up in a rainstorm, so better be prepared for the worst. However, waterproof designer watches are rather expensive. Lastly, make sure you buy Swiss army watches that comes with a contractual warranty. A contractual warranty entitles you to a replacement, or monetary compensation, if something happens to it during the period defined by the warranty. Normally a 5 year warranty is a sign of good quality.

With that said, it is hoped you will be able to find the one watch that can add completeness to your womanhood. If you’re looking for mens designer watches then Chris Ward offers both.