About me

My name is Robert Dunn, and I created this website in order to present a beautiful Oregon and all of the things you should see, do and visit while in Oregon. Many people come To Oregon to see the intact nature which is one of the most astonishing wilderness in the US. Thousands of tourist come very year in their quest for searching new things and enhancing experiences that will shape them into a better people.

I often work as a tourist guide for people who come in Oregon for the very first time. The Crater Lake dragged most of the attention of all the tourists I have guided, and I always point out its beauty. However, some people prefer more the social events that take place in Oregon, especially in Portland. People always ask me what to visit – you should visit whatever you find interesting and attracting, regardless of my opinion.

The legalization of recreational use of cannabis is one of the first association with Oregon, but it is not the only thing that should interest you. I always say – go for a hiking adventure instead of smoking weed. It is healthier and widens the horizon more than marijuana.


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