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Top 5 Things To Do in Oregon this Fall

If you have a trip planned to Oregon this fall or if you already live there and want to explore another part of the state, then consider some of the fall activities that take place. The weather is refreshing, and the leaves are beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange. These elements provide a beautiful backdrop for enjoying the festivals and other fun adventures that are offered.

1. Pumpkin Patches
The fall season isn’t complete without visiting a pumpkin patch. Because of the amount of rain that Oregon sees each year, the pumpkins are large in size and are usually readily available. Smith Rock Pumpkins is a popular spot for the entire family. Aside from the pumpkin patch, there is a wagon ride, games, and a corn maze.

2. Portland Cycling & Beer
If you enjoy drinking and riding a bike, combine the two with this activity that takes you along the streets of Portland. You can plan your own tour of some of the breweries in the city while riding a bike. Rentals are available, and there are tour guides who can take you to some of the top locations to get the best beers.

3. Hood River Fruit Loop
Enjoy sampling fresh apples and pears while walking through the orchards along Hood River. The fall season is a time of the year when these fruits are abundant. While you drive to the area, you can see the beautiful leaves on the trees. When you arrive at the orchards, you can learn about how to make cider, pick fresh fruits, and sample a few beverages and foods made with these fruits.

4. Shakespeare Festival
View some of the plays that Shakespeare wrote while viewing how the people of his time dressed and interacted with each other. Most of the plays take place outdoors in the crisp fall air with the leaves in the background. There are also plays by Homer that are performed that are interesting to watch with the family.

5. Stormy Weather Arts Festival
The art galleries in Cannon Beach open their doors and allow people to view everything from paintings to sculptures. Several local artists set up their masterpieces in parks and on the sidewalks. Live music is performed, and there are vendors who set up booths with various cuisines to enjoy.

Having Fun In Oregon

Having Fun In Oregon

Oregon is a state that has many exciting things. People fail to realize that, and thus they miss on great things. The state has a high diversity when it comes to sightseeing spots as they range from natural habitats to exciting towns with cultural building and all around great places.


Motorcycle enthusiasts, as well as, road trip lovers can enjoy an excellent tour through the east and middle Oregon that lasts around eight hours in total (considering the speed limit).The route starts in Portland and follows the road to the Cannon Beach. The course then continues down the shore, and passes through many interesting places, out of which Tillamook and Netarts Bay are worth a short visit. The shore drive ends in Newport. The road continues as you leave Newport and drive toward the east where you loop up and drive straight back to Portland.

This route passes through places where everyone should stop and spend few hours in sightseeing.

Oregon – A paradise for gourmets

Individuals that love to explore cities and states through their cuisine will find Oregon as a paradise for all those who like to eat well. Portland and other big towns contain a lot of high-quality restaurants that serve food from all around the world. But the jewels of Oregon are small restaurants that serve local produce that comes from both the land and the sea. Those that love oysters should visit Block + Tackle. No other place has oysters as good as this place has. Their menu is always changing, and thus you will get the chance to eat various dishes where the main ingredient is oysters. They also organize happy hours where all meals have a small discount.

Gorgeous Crater lake on a summer day

Donut craft is something that very few bakers manage to perfect. Blue Star Donuts is one of those places that managed to maintain the taste of donuts through the use of the original French recipe. They serve up to 20 different donut types every day, so use your time there well and try as many as you can. If you want to rest from sightseeing, then the best place for that is the Creamery Cafe in Tillamook. It’s safe to say that the trip to the Tillamook is worth the time if you try grilled cheese in that café. This place has a menu of different grilled cheese sandwiches you can get with an assortment of additions.

Legalization Of Marijuana In Oregon

Oregon sign with marijuana leaf

Oregon is one of a few American states that are marijuana-friendly. And throughout the past, this state was one of the few that actively supported the decriminalization and legalization of the weed. This state decriminalized this plant in 1973, which makes them one of the first to do it.

Marijuana laws in Oregon

Oregon legalized the use of medical marijuana in 1998, and 17 years later they legalized the weed for recreational use for all individuals that are at least 21 years old. This meant that anyone could buy marijuana, and not worry about breaking the law.


But not all is great in this state, as many laws affect the sale and consumption of marijuana. It’s worth to note that one of the better acts prevents the sale of weed to children and teens. Sale near schools is also illegal. This cuts down the taxes the state receives, but it is a law that protects minors, and thus its worth having it.

However, some laws do hurt the whole economy through their existence. For example, the bill for “coffee” bars don’t exist which is terrible, as a lot of people would like that. Several businesses imitate this, but they operate within the gray area of the law, and thus you won’t find any listings anywhere.

Smoking pot in public is still troublesome. It’s best to keep it in the confines of the home. Tourists should try to conceal the weed they buy and consume it in a way that isn’t obvious.

The results of marijuana legalization

A year passed since the legalization of weed, and the state saw millions of dollars in tax. This, however, is restricted to western Oregon, as the more cooperative people in the east fight against that law. More than hundred medical marijuana dispensers exist, and every adult can buy the pot without breaking any rules.

Free Weed

Every individual can grow up to four plants, as long as they find seeds for it. The problem is the lack of an official marijuana marketplace. Once such is bound to open this year. It will have seed-to-sale tracking which means that everyone will be able to grow marijuana strains they find satisfying. There have been some opponents of the legalization of marijuana but drug addiction treatment centers in Oregon have not seen an increase in people seeking help for weed addiction.

Marijuana hit 60 million dollars in sales in the past year, and that meant around 15 million dollars in taxes. Tax on weed is 25 percent, where the tax on medical marijuana doesn’t exist. The sale expectation for this year is high due to the introduction of other forms of weed (concentrates, edibles and so on).

What To Do In Oregon?


Oregon offers excellent freedom – from recreational marijuana use to the relaxing landscapes that are waiting for you to enjoy them, you will always feel the sense of being free while you are in Oregon. The state of Oregon is one of the US states that lays on the Northwest region of the West Coast. The Snake River and the Columbia River are bordering Oregon state, leaving it between Idaho and Washington state. It has a lot of national parks, lakes, and mountains which are among the most beautiful sightseeing locations in the US.

Try famous oysters from the Pacific Ocean

If you are a fan of good food, then Block+Tackle is the right choice for you. Oysters, scallops and other food from sea menu offers the best quality and taste for seafood lovers. If it happens that you also like soccer, then you should not miss this place. Prices are not too high, but the overall impression is much higher.

Reach Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock

This beautiful beach is only 1.5 hour of driving from Portland. The rugged coastline is a unique depiction of Oregon’s wild side that gives a great sense of preserved nature. Take off your shoes, walk down the beach towards Haystack Rock and recognize the shooting location of The Goonies. When you enjoy it enough, go down to Haystack rock to see exciting anemones and starfish!

Crabbing experience

Embarcadero is my favorite place to rent a boat (if you don’t own one) to go for crab hunt. We recommend you use chicken as bait since these crabs love the chicken! Also, try hunting crabs in Yaquina Bay which is near the center and watch out for a tide!


Get rid of your hangover at Pig n’ Pancake

If it happens to drink a little bit more of alcohol, go to Pig n’ Pancake to nurse your hangover. They have a great menu for those who had an alcoholic experience the previous night. Try Oregon strawberry compote – it takes away your hangover leaving you ready for the upcoming adventures.

Visit Crater Lake

This lake is incredibly beautiful and colorful in any season. The excellent visitor center is available for the information 24/7 where you can find out historical facts about the lake. A nice gift shop is open for you to buy a unique piece of art to remember your visit to Crater Lake.