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Having Fun In Oregon

Having Fun In Oregon

Oregon is a state that has many exciting things. People fail to realize that, and thus they miss on great things. The state has a high diversity when it comes to sightseeing spots as they range from natural habitats to exciting towns with cultural building and all around great places.


Motorcycle enthusiasts, as well as, road trip lovers can enjoy an excellent tour through the east and middle Oregon that lasts around eight hours in total (considering the speed limit).The route starts in Portland and follows the road to the Cannon Beach. The course then continues down the shore, and passes through many interesting places, out of which Tillamook and Netarts Bay are worth a short visit. The shore drive ends in Newport. The road continues as you leave Newport and drive toward the east where you loop up and drive straight back to Portland.

This route passes through places where everyone should stop and spend few hours in sightseeing.

Oregon – A paradise for gourmets

Individuals that love to explore cities and states through their cuisine will find Oregon as a paradise for all those who like to eat well. Portland and other big towns contain a lot of high-quality restaurants that serve food from all around the world. But the jewels of Oregon are small restaurants that serve local produce that comes from both the land and the sea. Those that love oysters should visit Block + Tackle. No other place has oysters as good as this place has. Their menu is always changing, and thus you will get the chance to eat various dishes where the main ingredient is oysters. They also organize happy hours where all meals have a small discount.

Gorgeous Crater lake on a summer day

Donut craft is something that very few bakers manage to perfect. Blue Star Donuts is one of those places that managed to maintain the taste of donuts through the use of the original French recipe. They serve up to 20 different donut types every day, so use your time there well and try as many as you can. If you want to rest from sightseeing, then the best place for that is the Creamery Cafe in Tillamook. It’s safe to say that the trip to the Tillamook is worth the time if you try grilled cheese in that café. This place has a menu of different grilled cheese sandwiches you can get with an assortment of additions.