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Legalization Of Marijuana In Oregon

Oregon sign with marijuana leaf

Oregon is one of a few American states that are marijuana-friendly. And throughout the past, this state was one of the few that actively supported the decriminalization and legalization of the weed. This state decriminalized this plant in 1973, which makes them one of the first to do it.

Marijuana laws in Oregon

Oregon legalized the use of medical marijuana in 1998, and 17 years later they legalized the weed for recreational use for all individuals that are at least 21 years old. This meant that anyone could buy marijuana, and not worry about breaking the law.


But not all is great in this state, as many laws affect the sale and consumption of marijuana. It’s worth to note that one of the better acts prevents the sale of weed to children and teens. Sale near schools is also illegal. This cuts down the taxes the state receives, but it is a law that protects minors, and thus its worth having it.

However, some laws do hurt the whole economy through their existence. For example, the bill for “coffee” bars don’t exist which is terrible, as a lot of people would like that. Several businesses imitate this, but they operate within the gray area of the law, and thus you won’t find any listings anywhere.

Smoking pot in public is still troublesome. It’s best to keep it in the confines of the home. Tourists should try to conceal the weed they buy and consume it in a way that isn’t obvious.

The results of marijuana legalization

A year passed since the legalization of weed, and the state saw millions of dollars in tax. This, however, is restricted to western Oregon, as the more cooperative people in the east fight against that law. More than hundred medical marijuana dispensers exist, and every adult can buy the pot without breaking any rules.

Free Weed

Every individual can grow up to four plants, as long as they find seeds for it. The problem is the lack of an official marijuana marketplace. Once such is bound to open this year. It will have seed-to-sale tracking which means that everyone will be able to grow marijuana strains they find satisfying. There have been some opponents of the legalization of marijuana but drug addiction treatment centers in Oregon have not seen an increase in people seeking help for weed addiction.

Marijuana hit 60 million dollars in sales in the past year, and that meant around 15 million dollars in taxes. Tax on weed is 25 percent, where the tax on medical marijuana doesn’t exist. The sale expectation for this year is high due to the introduction of other forms of weed (concentrates, edibles and so on).