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What To Do In Oregon?


Oregon offers excellent freedom – from recreational marijuana use to the relaxing landscapes that are waiting for you to enjoy them, you will always feel the sense of being free while you are in Oregon. The state of Oregon is one of the US states that lays on the Northwest region of the West Coast. The Snake River and the Columbia River are bordering Oregon state, leaving it between Idaho and Washington state. It has a lot of national parks, lakes, and mountains which are among the most beautiful sightseeing locations in the US.

Try famous oysters from the Pacific Ocean

If you are a fan of good food, then Block+Tackle is the right choice for you. Oysters, scallops and other food from sea menu offers the best quality and taste for seafood lovers. If it happens that you also like soccer, then you should not miss this place. Prices are not too high, but the overall impression is much higher.

Reach Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock

This beautiful beach is only 1.5 hour of driving from Portland. The rugged coastline is a unique depiction of Oregon’s wild side that gives a great sense of preserved nature. Take off your shoes, walk down the beach towards Haystack Rock and recognize the shooting location of The Goonies. When you enjoy it enough, go down to Haystack rock to see exciting anemones and starfish!

Crabbing experience

Embarcadero is my favorite place to rent a boat (if you don’t own one) to go for crab hunt. We recommend you use chicken as bait since these crabs love the chicken! Also, try hunting crabs in Yaquina Bay which is near the center and watch out for a tide!


Get rid of your hangover at Pig n’ Pancake

If it happens to drink a little bit more of alcohol, go to Pig n’ Pancake to nurse your hangover. They have a great menu for those who had an alcoholic experience the previous night. Try Oregon strawberry compote – it takes away your hangover leaving you ready for the upcoming adventures.

Visit Crater Lake

This lake is incredibly beautiful and colorful in any season. The excellent visitor center is available for the information 24/7 where you can find out historical facts about the lake. A nice gift shop is open for you to buy a unique piece of art to remember your visit to Crater Lake.