Top 5 Things To Do in Oregon this Fall

If you have a trip planned to Oregon this fall or if you already live there and want to explore another part of the state, then consider some of the fall activities that take place. The weather is refreshing, and the leaves are beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange. These elements provide a beautiful backdrop for enjoying the festivals and other fun adventures that are offered.

1. Pumpkin Patches
The fall season isn’t complete without visiting a pumpkin patch. Because of the amount of rain that Oregon sees each year, the pumpkins are large in size and are usually readily available. Smith Rock Pumpkins is a popular spot for the entire family. Aside from the pumpkin patch, there is a wagon ride, games, and a corn maze.

2. Portland Cycling & Beer
If you enjoy drinking and riding a bike, combine the two with this activity that takes you along the streets of Portland. You can plan your own tour of some of the breweries in the city while riding a bike. Rentals are available, and there are tour guides who can take you to some of the top locations to get the best beers.

3. Hood River Fruit Loop
Enjoy sampling fresh apples and pears while walking through the orchards along Hood River. The fall season is a time of the year when these fruits are abundant. While you drive to the area, you can see the beautiful leaves on the trees. When you arrive at the orchards, you can learn about how to make cider, pick fresh fruits, and sample a few beverages and foods made with these fruits.

4. Shakespeare Festival
View some of the plays that Shakespeare wrote while viewing how the people of his time dressed and interacted with each other. Most of the plays take place outdoors in the crisp fall air with the leaves in the background. There are also plays by Homer that are performed that are interesting to watch with the family.

5. Stormy Weather Arts Festival
The art galleries in Cannon Beach open their doors and allow people to view everything from paintings to sculptures. Several local artists set up their masterpieces in parks and on the sidewalks. Live music is performed, and there are vendors who set up booths with various cuisines to enjoy.